“I met Joanie about three years ago and I never would have thought she could change my life. I had gone to the Mystical Paranormal Fair just to see what it was all about. I have to say, I was very overwhelmed by all of people’s profiles and what they could do. I had no idea how to choose. I wasn’t really a believer either so it was just to try something new. I was drawn to Joanie. She read my cards, and amazed me! I ran home and told everyone they had to go see her. That was the day my life changed for the better! She has helped me through the toughest times in my life. She took me under her wing when she didn’t have to as my life coach and through that, made me a strong, independent woman who knows who she is and knows her self worth. Anytime I needed her, I just called or messaged her and she was always there for me! This woman is amazing! Honestly, without her I wouldn’t be where I am today. ”
– Elizabeth Ashlee, Versailles, Kentucky


“I received a card reading from Joanie when I was up for a promotion at work. I was amazed that not only was Joanie able to accurately let me know when, but also where I would receive this news. Joanie was very insightful and really accurate. I am a skeptic, but Joanie has made me a believer!”
–B.P., Kentucky


“Joanie is a wonderful, compassionate lady. Having a conversation with her is so warming and heartfelt. Never has there been a time when she hasn’t made me feel as though she has been around and watching to know exactly what I’m feeling and going through. Any time I have ever spoken to her I feel as though she is my best friend and purely understanding. Definitely highly recommended by me. I love how open and understanding Joanie is.”
– Nina La Veck, Carlisle, Kentucky


“Joanie Conn is such a blessing for us at Herbal Stuff here in Carlisle, Kentucky. She comes in here at least once a month to read for our customers. People drive for miles, from many towns away, to come see her on the days she visits. She has been so helpful for so many people in their lives over the last 18 months that she has been visiting us.

I knew she was ‘the real deal’ the first time she came in as a customer herself. She was trying to leave and kept putting her purchases down. Finally, she said, ‘Your mom has a very forceful personality, doesn’t she?’  Then, apologizing because my mom insisted, she shook her finger in my face and said, ‘You’re not getting enough sleep! You need to go to bed earlier!’ Then she tells me that the light in my bedroom is not defective, that the reason the switch flips on as soon as I touch it is because mom is pushing it, telling me it should have been turned off already.

That let me know then that she was real. I asked her immediately if she would come into my store to read for my customers. In addition, she has such a sweet personality, everyone loves her!”
– Suzy Sparrowhawk, Carlisle, Kentucky