As an intuitive reader, I promise to interpret messages from Spirit to the best of my ability for the Highest Good. ~ J ~

  1.  We are all given the gift of free will.  Any reading may indicate possibilities, but not inevitabilities (nothing is written in stone).   Each client has the right to make decisions for his or her own life.  Readings are for entertainment purposes  and hopefully provide comfort and healing to the client.
  2.  I am not to be held accountable or have any liability for any client’s free will decisions before, during or after a reading.
  3.  As with any reading, misinterpretation is possible, therefore it is the client’s responsibility to take what information feels right to them and leave the rest.
  4.  I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone under the influence of alcohol, drugs or demonstrating aggressive behavior.
  5.  If I feel I am not the right reader for an individual, I reserve the right to refuse service and will do my best to refer the individual to a reader who might be a better fit.
  6.  I do not read for minors without express permission of a parent or legal guardian.
  7.  I am not a medical professional; therefore any information given is not to be used in place of getting professional medical care.
  8.  I do not predict dates of death for the client or anyone related to the client. I feel that death is a very personal experience that should remain between ourselves and God.
  9.  All readings will remain confidential.
  10.  All payments will be agreed upon in advance; there will never be additional or added fees.